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21 Aug

5 Must Know Medical Billing Measures at Your Medical Practice

by Ricki Ransom A successful medical practice needs a variety of reports and metrics to measure performance and make improvements as needed. GroupOne understands that many practices are facing financial challenges due to the changes that continue to take place in the healthcare industry. Monitoring the 5 measures mentioned below will provide insight into your practice’s

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17 Aug

Outsourced Billing: Percentage of Net Collections vs. Flat Rate Fee

by Adrienne Schrimpf Are you considering outsourcing your medical billing? Which pricing option is better for your practice? As a medical billing sales rep, I am often asked by practices why the standard fee structure for GroupOne clients is based on a percentage of the total revenue generated by the practice instead of a per claim basis

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06 Mar

Why Should Providers File Claims Electronically?

By: Taryn Tresca Nationwide, just over six percent of healthcare claims are submitted using paper forms. That number has remained steady over the past few years, even though research has shown conclusively that providers can save more than 50 percent on administrative costs by submitting claims electronically. In 2015, CAQH research showed that it costs

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27 Feb

Denial Management: Moving Upstream in the Revenue Cycle

By: Glenn Krauss Managing denials continues to be a thorn in the side of just about every healthcare organization. Traditional approaches to denial management treat the symptom rather than the underlying causes – and the back-and-forth with payers can lead to frustration on both sides rather than the spirit of collaboration that will only become

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20 Feb

5 Questions to Ask Before Changing Clearinghouses

By: Crystal Ewing Billing departments continue to be pressed by daunting challenges as the healthcare industry transforms from a fee-for service to a fee-for-value business model. The question today, with an insurance industry that is more complex than ever, is whether your current clearinghouse is up to meeting these challenges. Changes such as the Medicare

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06 Feb

Who can deny the challenge of denial management?

By Lindsay Stratman You’ve delivered the care. Your team has diligently documented the encounter and coded the claim. They’ve ensured it reflects everything they know should be included for that specific payer and that patient, and they’ve incorporated all of the relevant information from the front office and existing records. Then the claim is denied.

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30 Jan

You may have heard that percentage based billing services are illegal….

Percentage Billing Arrangements 10/01/1999 News: HBMA Healthcare Billing & Management Association By: Robert Burleigh, CHBME POSITION PAPER #1 PERCENTAGE BILLING ARRANGEMENTS A. PURPOSE Third party billing organizations are, from time-to-time, questioned about the propriety and legality of billing contracts with a fee basis that is based on a percentage of collected funds. This Position Paper

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08 Aug

When it comes to trauma care, where you live determines if you live

By Dan Gorenstein June 17, 2016 Angel Santiago arrives to speak to the media from Florida Hospital about being shot in the Pulse gay nightclub terror attack in Orlando, Florida.  On Friday, the National Academies of Science will release a report assessing the quality of trauma care in the United States. This comes less than a

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01 Aug

Why it’s still difficult for hospitals to share patient data

By Dan Gorenstein June 20, 2016 Sharing data seems like a given when it comes to patient care, but it’s not always so easy.  – Dr. Alan Kumar was on duty when a man in his 60s entered the emergency room at Community Hospital in Northwest Indiana. Kumar said the man was so uncomfortable, Community was the

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