Monthly Archives: February 2017

27 Feb

Denial Management: Moving Upstream in the Revenue Cycle

By: Glenn Krauss Managing denials continues to be a thorn in the side of just about every healthcare organization. Traditional approaches to denial management treat the symptom rather than the underlying causes – and the back-and-forth with payers can lead to frustration on both sides rather than the spirit of collaboration that will only become

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20 Feb

5 Questions to Ask Before Changing Clearinghouses

By: Crystal Ewing Billing departments continue to be pressed by daunting challenges as the healthcare industry transforms from a fee-for service to a fee-for-value business model. The question today, with an insurance industry that is more complex than ever, is whether your current clearinghouse is up to meeting these challenges. Changes such as the Medicare

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06 Feb

Who can deny the challenge of denial management?

By Lindsay Stratman You’ve delivered the care. Your team has diligently documented the encounter and coded the claim. They’ve ensured it reflects everything they know should be included for that specific payer and that patient, and they’ve incorporated all of the relevant information from the front office and existing records. Then the claim is denied.

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