Yearly Archives: 2015

23 Aug

CMS Corrects Recent ICD-10 Guidance for Physicians

CMS and AMA recently developed guidance on new ICD-10 flexibility for physicians during the first year of compliance. Now, at the request of stakeholders who found errors, CMS has substantially changed the guidance in Questions 3 and 5. >Click here to read full article

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05 Aug

ICD-10: Who’s in the Family of Codes?

CMS has said it will not deny or audit claims just for specificity for one year after implementation of ICD-10 as long as the code is from the appropriate family of ICD-10 codes. But it has not defined what a family of codes is. This article originally appeared in ICD-10 Trainer Remember those friends and

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02 Jul

When Is It Time to Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Managing your doctor\’s practice is no less involved than running any small business where you have to take care of everything yourself. Even though you have your administrative staff on hand to help, taking care of all the other endless tasks involved in operating a doctor’s office can consume all your spare time if you’re

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04 May

Making ICD-10 testing matter

By: Carl Natale There’s a lot being said about the importance of ICD-10 end-to-end testing. But why? Healthcare providers need to know what they are looking for. A set of testing goals will help guide medical practices to some worthwhile lessons: How much medical coding productivity can be expected. Will accuracy be a problem with

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15 Jan

When to Use Medicare XE, XP, XS & XU Modifiers

Effective January 1, 2015, CMS will officially roll out four new HCPCS modifiers, XE, XP XS and XU, that can be used when billing Medicare claims. Dubbed the –X{EPSU} subset, they may or may not be used instead of modifier 59. Not very clear, right? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much clarification from CMS about the

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